The Lungbuster 2017


The latest presentation of this popular event - # Race No 7 in the 2016/2017 Wiltshire Off Road Race League - took place on Sunday 5th February 2017.

It was a 9 mile cross country race in a rural location, run on private land.

Profits totalling £2131.30 have been donated to Breast Cancer Campaign,
which brings the 'running' total to £6647.25.

Results are below - thank you for your patience.

Paul Appleby took photos and has placed them on OneDrive for everyone to enjoy.

Likewise, Andy Townsend took these, again on OneDrive.

Below - Tim Powell, the man who inspired the creation of The Lungbuster (c/o Dave Roper).

Thanks chaps!

Download this file (Lungbuster 2017 Results.xls)Lungbuster 2017 Results.xls[Lungbuster 2017 results]58 kB
Download this file (Lungbuster 2016_2.pdf)Lungbuster 2016_2.pdf[Lungbuster 2016 Results]258 kB
Download this file (Prov-Lungbuster_2015_Results.pdf)Prov-Lungbuster_2015_Results.pdf[Lungbuster 2015 results]258 kB
Download this file (LB_TimeResults2014.xls)LB_TimeResults2014.xls[Lungbuster 2014 results]49 kB